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Beechlawn Organic Farm is a beautiful farm that sits on 180 acres in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. The farm is run by the Tomasello family, who have been farming for 5 generations. The farm grows an array of organic fruits and vegetables, which they sell at their roadside stand and to local restaurants. Beechlawn is also home to a CSA program, through which subscribers receive a basket of fresh produce each week. If you're looking for a delicious AND healthy way to get your veggies, be sure to check out Beechlawn!

Beechlawn Organic Farm is a family-owned and operated farm in Pennsylvania. The farm grows over 100 varieties of organic produce, which they sell at their roadside stand and local farmers markets. Beechlawn is also home to an organic apiary and a herd of grass-fed beef cattle. In addition to their farming operations, Beechlawn offers tours of the farm, educational programs for schools, and special events throughout the year.


Tairgeoiri agus Dáileoirí Torthaí & Glasraí Orgánacha

Beechlawn Organic Farm is a family-owned business, and we make sure our team has the best working conditions. We offer flexible hours for employees to balance work with personal commitments, like school or caring for loved ones. Our organic farming methods are sustainable and healthy because they don't include any chemical fertilisers or pesticides that would harm us as well as you! How can you find out more about how this farm practices? 

We are there to help you have a happy, healthy life by providing quality produce grown in an environmentally friendly way. If you want to find out more about this or any of our other products and services, contact us today!

Producers and Distributors of Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Aithnítear Beechlawn Organic Farm ina táirgeoir de ghlasraí orgánacha den chaighdeán is fearr in Éirinn, ag cur bia folláin ar fáil dár gcustaiméirí, bia a chuirtear ag fás ar bhealach atá inbhuanaithe. Tugann sé leis an eolas seo nach mó dhuit go tapa do na cruadhair éagsúla i lasmuigh sa toghchán oibre a tharraingt don cheardchais teaghlaigh. Beechlawn Organic Farm is the best producer of organic produce in Ireland, providing fresh food to customers and distributing it on a sustainable basis.

Aithnítear Beechlawn Organic Farm ina táirgeoir de ghlasraí orgánacha den chaighdeán is fearr in Éirinn, ag cur bia folláin ar fáil dár gcustaiméirí, bia a chuirtear ag fás ar bhealach atá inbhuanaithe. Tugann sé plús leis an nglorach go forleathan seo do ghlasraí éagsúla - laghdaireacht na mblianta (céimeanna), cófaidh seisiúin nua-thiomaineachais

List of organic farmers in ireland

The amount of organic farmers in Ireland has increased significantly over the last decade. This is due to consumer demand for food that is free from pesticides and other chemicals, as well as a desire to avoid animal cruelty. The following list contains some of the major Irish organic producers, their contact information, and what they produce.

This is a list of organic farmers in Ireland, these are the people who provide us with our food. This list includes their names, where they're located and what type of produce they grow. 

1) Joe Murphy - County Cork  

2) Mary Lavelle - County Mayo

3) John Quirke-County Kerry

4) John Duffy-County Clare

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Green earth organics

We are all guilty of it. Sometimes we just can't help but to take a bite out of that apple or grab a piece of chocolate cake. And sometimes we don't even think about the packaging that our food comes in. But what if our food came in packaging that was not only recyclable, but biodegradable? What if we could actually eat the packaging? That is the idea behind Green Earth Organics. Their products come in plant-based material that is not only biodegradable, but also compostable. So how does it work? You simply place the container in your compost bin and watch as it breaks down into organic material that can be used to help fertilize plants! 

Did you know that organic farming is one of the most sustainable ways to farm? Organic farming practices help keep our earth healthy and free from harmful chemicals. Not only does organic farming produce healthier food, but it's also better for the environment! 

Organic meat galway

One of the best things about organic meat is that it's better for you and the environment. Organic meat contains no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides. It also has a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional livestock production. This means that you are doing something good for your health when you eat organic meat, but also helping to save our planet in the process!

Do you eat meat? Do you want to buy local and ethically sourced meat for your family but don't know where to find it? Well, look no further. Here at Organic Meat Galway we have a range of options that will suit all tastes and lifestyles. We have everything from organic beef mince, organic pork loin chops and organic lamb leg steaks! You can even make an order online or call in with any questions on our contact number.

Green farm organics

Green farm organics is a new business that offers organic produce and meats to customers in the area. They are located near the local farmers market, so you can stop by for some fresh food before or after your shopping trip. Their prices are fair and they offer delivery service as well as catering services if you would like them to bring their products to an event of yours. 

Green Farm Organics is a family-owned organic farm located in the heart of rural Indiana. They offer a variety of services, including: produce pickup and delivery, weekly farmer's market trips with their mobile store, CSA season pick ups and drop offs at your home or office, as well as private consultations to help you plan out your farming needs for the year. With over 30 years experience in farming, Green Farm Organics has all of your organic food needs covered!

Beechlawn organic farm

Beechlawn organic farm is a beautiful, secluded farm located in the mountains of rural Kentucky. The owners have been farming on the land for over 40 years, and they are now passing their knowledge onto a new generation. They offer many different workshops that teach people how to grow vegetables organically, as well as classes on cooking with fresh produce from your own garden. This past year we had an incredible harvest of tomatoes and okra! It is a cool, crisp fall day and the leaves are already beginning to change color. As you drive up the winding gravel driveway, you notice that there's not a single house in sight: just acres and acres of farmland. This is Beechlawn Organic Farm--a family-owned farm that has been operating for nearly 30 years.

Beechlawn farm in Southampton, PA is a beautiful and bountiful organic farm. Owned and operated by the Yacoub family since 1988, the Yacoub's grow everything from fruits and veggies to peacefully pastured meats and eggs. The Beechlawn philosophy is simple: clean soil produces clean food, which leads to healthy people and animals. Stop by their stand at the Easton Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8am-1pm for the freshest local produce around!

Organic vegetables dublin

Do you want to know where you can buy organic vegetables in Dublin? Look no further! We have all the information that you need. You will find out what are the best places to get them, how much they cost and even some of their benefits. Your search is over- check it out now! Studies show that eating organic vegetables is better for you than eating non-organic ones. This is because they are grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which can be toxic to your body. If you want to eat healthier and live longer, try eating organic vegetables in Dublin!

Many people don't know how to cook vegetables, and they end up making them taste bland. But there are some easy ways to make your vegetables delicious! For example, if you want a crispier fried vegetable, dunk it in an egg and then coat with breadcrumbs before frying.

Integrated Organic Farming System 

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